Anatomy Anatomical features of the mantle Anatomy of the outer mantle layer apart from the ectormycorrhizal tip

anatomy mantle outer mantle layer {apart from tip} cell wall surface habit

1 smooth
2 rough
3 with globular to lens-shaped appositions
4 with elongated, hollow warts
5 with scar-like structures
6 with lignituber-like (finger-like) ingrowths
7 with few crystals
8 with many crystals
9 with few soil particles
10 with many soil particles

Soil particles are always irregularly shaped or/and coloured and mostly of different size; ’few’ or ’many’ are subject to personal experience. Mycorrhizae with many soil particles are considerably difficult to clean. A compromise must be found between the cleaning for visualization of mantle features and the necessity to loose as few important features as possible. If there is any doubt whether 'frequent' or 'infrequent' should be used, enter both.

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