Morphology Morphology of the mycorrhizal system

morphology mycorrhizal system ramification presence-type

1 absent
2 monopodial-pinnate
3 monopodial-pyramidal
4 dichotomous
5 irregularly pinnate, dichotomous-like
6 coralloid
7 tubercle-like
8 braid-like

The side-branches are oriented in three or more rows, forming a pyramidal-like three-dimensional system (A).
Sometimes, originally three-dimensionally arranged, sidebranches can secondarily grow in approximately one plane; this becomes apparent due to the insertion points of the side branches; such a ramification can be called monopodially-pinnate to monopodially-pyramidal, and can be entered under monopodial-pinnate and monopodial-pyramidal as well (B).

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