fungus fruitbodies growth habit

1 epigeous
2 hypogeous
3 corticioid
4 stereoid
5 resupinate-porioid
6 clavarioid
7 pileate-porioid
8 pileate-hydnoid
9 pileate-lamellate
10 pileate-smooth or wrinkled
11 secotioid
12 gastroid
13 cup-shaped
14 morel-like

Fruitbodies can be differently shaped but do not remind of being derived form a cap-like fungus; the hymenium is always lining small locules and the spores are released from the fruitbodies by specialized fruitbody structures or openings. Hypogeous fungi are always gastroid, epigeous fungi can be gastroid. This term ’gastroid’ is only used for Basidiomycetes.

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