Morphology Morphology of the unramified ends

morphology unramified ends mantle surface {in detail} kind

1 densely grainy or warty
2 loosely grainy or warty
3 densely woolly
4 loosely woolly
5 densely cottony
6 loosely cottony
7 densely stringy
8 loosely stringy
9 forming rings (reticulate)
10 densely short-spiny
11 loosely short-spiny
12 densely long-spiny
13 loosely long-spiny

Hyphae of the mycorrhizal surface are arranged in small short bundles, which very frequently ramify and unify with others repeatedly and in this way form ring-like structures. The dark spots on the mantle of the colour photo are the ’holes’ formed by the rings; these holes can often be seen already in a dissecting microscope at highest magnification.

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